Books by Marianne Curtis

Finding GloriaImagine growing up hearing you are nothing. Imagine believing you are predestined to be useless and worthless. Imagine believing you are unlovable and TWO mothers despised you enough to either toss you aside or abuse you.

In Finding Gloria the author shares her inspiring story of forgiveness and healing.



Moondust and Madness: a collection of poetry

While most people can rise out of despair by talking, Marianne Curtis picked up her pen and wrote her way back to sanity.

Moondust and Madness: a collection of poetry is taken from the author’s personal diary written during the darkest and happiest times of her life. Each piece reflects joy or heartbreak; some celebrate new life while others mourn great loss.

The end result is this compilation – a collection with a cause. Funds raised through the sale of this book will go to the Kids Help Phone.

Marianne Curtis is an author from Manitoba, Canada. Her first book “Finding Gloria” follows her healing process after a lifetime of abuse and deprivation.



Finding Gloria ~ Second Edition

The second edition comes with exclusive photographs and new information.

This edition is also available as a limited edition HARDCOVER

Behind Whispering Pines

Behind Whispering Pines is the prelude to Finding Gloria, a 250 page inspirational memoir by Marianne Curtis.

In Behind Whispering Pines, the author discovers her adoptive mother is in the local hospital without her knowledge. Estranged from her once physically abusive mother, Curtis pays her a visit for the first time in over two years. The woman who once beat and starved her; said she was ugly and useless, was now suffering from dementia and waiting for placement in a nursing home.

What started out as an English class assignment when the author returned to school (and graduated) in 2005 at the age of 38 has turned into an inspirational memoir of survival called “Finding Gloria”. In Finding Gloria Marianne tears apart her life chapter by chapter to the point that she realizes that in order to be happy, she had to close the door on her past forever.

***could be considered a spoiler to Finding Gloria as this piece was the jumping off point for the heartbreaking, yet inspirational memoir.



Brian's Last Ride

Based on a true story!

An innocent dirt bike ride turns fatal; a 14 year old loses his life.
In Brian’s Last Ride, the author brings the reader to the scene of a hit-and-run, then walks them through the aftermath.
A short story.