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Are you a new author looking for a review?

Feel free to contact Marianne Curtis to request a book review.

Be prepared to submit an e-book version of your book (unless paperback is all you have). Will consider all genres. Completed reviews will be posted on this blog and sites including Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Smashwords.

Some will appear in print media (IE: Newspaper) at the reviewers discretion.

If your book is accepted, it will be read by Marianne Curtis and a review will be posted. There is no fee or obligation for this service as it is a great marketing tool. While it is not a requirement, a review of Curtis’s works would be appreciated in exchange.

Best selling author Marianne Curtis is available for media interviews, book signings, special events and public speaking engagements.

She enjoys speaking about her recovery process and openly shares her story in hope that it helps others.

Contact her via email

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