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Wilderness Wanderings by Allan P. Bayne

Al Bayne - devotionals cover

I invite you to wander with me on a virtual adventure in the wilderness. Discover the many delights of nature and how they reflect God’s truth. Come travel with me on all 40 excursions. You can take it a day or a week at a time. Your experience can be as close as your armchair and as vivid as your thoughts. Come and wander in the virtual wilderness through these devotions, and linger with the Lord. Come apply some spiritual salve to your soul.

Al Bayne, a pastor from St. Pierre and former teacher in Otterburne has released an exciting new e-book which invites readers to participate in an virtual wilderness adventure while connecting with God.

Bayne, a preacher and teacher, was inspired by his love for wilderness canoeing and the Word of God when he created an eye-catching devotional called Wilderness Wanderings – 40 Nature Devotions.

Produced only as an e-book, Bayne invites the reader to wander through forty virtual adventures in the wilderness.

“I invite readers to wander with me on a virtual adventure in the wilderness and discover the many delights of nature and how they reflect God’s truth,” stated Bayne. “You can take it a day or a week at a time. Your experience can be as close as your armchair and as vivid as your thoughts.”

Bayne has taken his experience as a wilderness guide, a teacher of wilderness leadership at Providence College and a Pastor to create this series.  His first book “Bugs, Sweat, and Fears” (A Beginner’s Guide to Wilderness Canoe Camping) was published in 1999.  He is half-way through a third book called Out of the Wilderness – 30 Power Devotions.

Bayne lives with his wife Barbara in St. Pierre.

The e-book is only $2.99 and is available at:


Al Bayne - devotionals


St. Pierre resident and pastor Al Bayne shows off a copy of his new e-book called Wilderness Wanderings – 40 Nature Devotions.




**As published in the April issue of the Dawson Trail Dispatch 


Messenger Between Worlds by Kristy Robinett

Since the age of three, spirits have come to me in the dead of night, telling me of their woes. Kristy Robinett shares the dramatic, touching, and terrifying moments from her extraordinary life as a psychic medium.

This captivating, powerful memoir is filled with unforgettable scenes: spot-on predictions, countless spirit visits at home and school, menacing paranormal activity, rescue from abduction thanks to her loving grandfather in spirit, and Kristy’s first meeting with two spirit guides who become her constant allies. Follow her emotional journey though a difficult childhood, stormy marriages, conflict with faith, job loss, and illness—and the hard-won lessons that opened her heart to true love and acceptance of her unique gift.

A Haunted Life by Debra Robinson

Debra Robinson faced haunted houses, terrifying psychic encounters, shattered dreams, and a battle with evil. But nothing prepared her for the death of the two most important people in her life.

Born psychic and raised in a religious family, Debra Robinson felt conflicted all her life about using her gifts. And when, at an early age, she attracts something evil with a Ouija board, she embarks on a lengthy battle with darkness. With her career as a professional musician taking her on the road, she experiences brushes with fame and heartbreak that serve to strengthen her resolve. Struggling to come to terms with her psychic gifts, the tragic deaths of her only child and her beloved father—and their visits from the other side—finally leave her with a sense of understanding and the strength to love herself.

A few years ago, I would never have picked up a book like this. However, I had a medium come into my life 4 years ago, and literally change my life. It was an amazing experience and made me a believer. Combined with the fact that my own daughter has unquestionable gifts, I have finally let go of my fear and started looking into other stories. With that in mind, I would like to thank Debra for her courage in sharing her story. I could relate to so many things (I found myself nodding my head going “i know what she means” several times throughout the book. I only read this book yesterday and I have already recommended it to several people. I am sorry for Debra’s loss of her son and father, and everything she has been through, but it is obvious that she has come out a very strong individual with an unwavering faith. God bless her and her amazing gifts; may she bring healing to many (Including herself).


The Spirit Within by Liberty Forrest

The Spirit Within

You know, as unique as each of us is, all of us are very similar to one another as well. How often have you felt as though no one could understand what you are experiencing? Have you ever wondered what possible reasons there could be for our journeys and our struggles, or how spirituality fits into them?Have you ever wondered ‘How will I cope with it all’? Have you ever tried to make sense of the pain that Life seems to continue to throw your way? Do you ever feel like Life is just a series of difficult lessons?

Have you ever had a book fall into your lap that you were meant to read? After reading this book, I believe that was what happened here. This book was my “light bulb moment”.

The author has a beautiful way of writing. The collection of stories she chose for this book are similar to Aesop Fables but with the addition of a spiritual twist. As I poured over the pages I was brought to tears and even physically reacted to some of the things the author wrote.

The story “The Spirit Within” could have been written about me. I’d been told before that we chose our lives before we are even born and my life has never been easy. Reading this story, really hit home – she could have been writing about me. With that in mind, I was able to see things clearer in my mind; it helped me understand myself better. Something I have struggled with for years. Two other stories – Hope and The Story of Trust were also very close to home.

This is a book I was compelled to share with other spiritual believers as soon as I was done reading it. I even read it out loud to several family members who have similar beliefs. It helped shed some light on some things we believed but were not sure about because of lack of information. Thanks to Liberty, we got that information in the form of a beautifully written inspirational piece.

I am so thankful that I was able to read this book and it is definitely one that I will be picking up over and over, just to remind myself that I have come out on the other side and that my life has all been part of the Greater Plan and Meant to Be.

Thank you Liberty!