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Farm Philosophy by Mel Groening

Farm PhilosophyThis is an entertaining, ten year compilation of Mel’s “Farm Philosophy” articles which were published in the Manitoba AgriPost Newspaper. Be prepared to both laugh and cry as Mel candidly describes many relationships and life experiences growing up and working on the farm. Poking fun at poor farming and business practices, money management and politics are showcased in most every article. Don’t think for a second that this is a book of gossip; Mel is the first to humbly express personal failures and mishaps in his own life as he openly shares his extremely unique opinions on a variety of topics. Mel believed strongly in both using and sharing your gifts and talents with others. Both young and old will appreciate the flair of his unforgettable storytelling ability. How Mel remembered the plethora of things that happened when he was in grade three, is a question for his Heavenly Father, who he is without a doubt, enjoying in eternity right now! Brace yourself as your opinions and perspectives will be put under a microscope, while Mel practically shares some of his gleanings from the most popular Book ever written.

For ten years, columnist Mel Groening shared his witty and insightful farm philosophy`s with readers in the monthly edition of the Agri-Post, a Manitoba based monthly publication. After he passed away, his family put together his well written columns in one volume for everyone to enjoy. While the majority of his topics are farm related, the general philosophies are age-old and many readers will relate.

This book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a combination of short stories that are entertaining yet educational. My late father (a dairy farmer) would have loved this book.