Meet the Author – Geralyn Wichers

geralyn wichers - author photoPlease welcome author and blogger, Geralyn Wichers. She is celebrating the release of her second novel, Sons of Earth, a Sci-fi story about a clone discovering his humanity. She also wrote post-apocalyptic love story, We are the Living. When not writing, Geralyn can be found running down the sidewalks and trails of Steinbach, Manitoba.

What genres and authors do you enjoy reading?

I could never pin myself to one genre, but anything speculative appeals to me–particularly dystopian. Classic fantasy is what really got me started on spec fiction. Right now I’m rediscovering the Chronicles of Narnia. At work, I lug around all seven volumes in one. I get a few funny looks.

I also ready leadership and self-development books. Recently I read Leadership Lessons from the Age of Fighting Sail by Chris Brady. It was fantastic. I’d recommend it for students of leadership, or history buffs.

What genres do you write in? What age groups are your books for?

I write under the umbrella of “speculative” for adults. My first novel, We are the Living, was post-apocalyptic (read, zombies). Sons of Earth tends more toward sci-fi. I’ve dabbled in fantasy, and hope to return to it soon.

Tell us a little about your most recent release. Where did you get your inspiration?

Sons of Earth was inspired by my work in Pharmaceutical manufacturing. I got this thought: “What if we were manufacturing human clones?” And then I wondered, “We work with such strict parameters. ‘Reject’ medication gets thrown out. What would happen to ‘reject’ clones?” That’s what sparked the idea–the idea of ‘garbage’ human clones.

What are you working on now?

I just released Sons of Earth, so I’m just in the pause between projects. There’s a bit of gear-grinding going on in my head. I’d put a series (started during National Novel Writing Month 2014) on hold to finish production, so I’ll be taking that up again. It will be nice to work with original material again. This will be a series about a secret society of immortals, living among us.

 Tell us about your creative process. Do you outline or just write wherever the story takes you? What does your workspace look like? Do you have any habits or quirks when you are writing?

As I mentioned, I get the thought ‘What if…?’ and that thought ruminates, and turns over and over and gains size like a snowball rolling down hill. If it works out well in my head, I’ll keep building and fleshing it out into a chapter by chapter outline, which I follow loosely during the first draft.

My workspace is where ever I put my laptop down. 🙂 Generally at the kitchen table. I nearly always have noise–in fact, to concentrate I’ll take my laptop to McDonalds. Something about the buzz of people helps me do my best work.

What do you find to be the hardest part of writing a novel?

Self-doubt! And after that, self-discipline. Since I work full time, it can be difficult to schedule time to write, even though I desperately want to write.

What about the easiest? What parts of the writing process just feel natural for you?

I find writing dialogue the best part. I love to write out conversations, particularly ones that are snappy and full of sarcasm. I’ll read over them and laugh at my own jokes. I hope other people laugh too! I also love to lie in bed and dream up scenes in my head, hear them, picture them, and almost ‘act them out’.

Thanks to Geralyn for joining us today.

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You can find Sons of Earth and We are the Living on Amazon. Check out Geralyn’s Blog, where she writes about adventures in relationships, running, personal-development, and general mayhem, at You can also find samples of her books and further information at that site.

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