The Monogamy Mystery: Natural/Unnatural? by Bishop John Cline

The Monogamy Mystery is a thought-provoking advanced discussion which addresses the issue of monogamy. It addresses the important questions as to whether monogamy is natural or unnatural and whether a monogamous existence can truly be achieved by mankind. It studies monogamy from a biblical, sociological, biological and spiritual perspective and arrives at a most logical conclusion. Infidelity has been a destructive force to the institution of marriage. Hence, it is important for each of us to understand the root of infidelity and learn how to conquer it in order to enjoy more fulfilling lives. Many husbands and wives find themselves in the middle of extra-marital affairs, not because they want to destroy their marriages, not because they do not love their spouses, and not because they are inherently evil or bad-intentioned. My total life experiences have brought me to a place where I have formed the view that it has become urgent to unearth some necessary truths and understanding in an effort to stop, correct, and guide future generations of persons who opt for committed relationships in their ultimate pursuit of happiness. The Monogamy Mystery is the ultimate relationship companion on the real causes of infidelity in interpersonal relationships.

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In this day and age, there is a lot of discussion of monogamy. Most of the people I know do not believe it is possible. It seems that almost every single person I know has either cheated or been cheated on. When I picked up this book, I was very interested to see what I could learn. Having been raised in a religious family, I always believed and hoped that I would live and prosper within a monogamous marriage. However, I have since learned that I seem to be a novelty – I had an ex that wanted to share me with others; and I had another who used the Internet as means to hook up with others, all oblivious to me. This left me jaded, wondering if I should be changing my belief systems.

After reading this book, I found it refreshing to find documentation that supported my beliefs and reaffirm that monogamy is possible within a relationship. It also contains valuable information on how to obtain, encourage and sustain a monogamous relationship. This book is a must read by anyone who is questioning the value of fidelity in their relationship, or has engaged in a debate on if monogamy is natural.



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