Amazon Authors need to promote FREE cloud reader

When it comes to selling ebooks on Amazon authors are often in competition with one another. I want customers to pay more attention to my ebook than yours and I want customers to buy my ebook instead of yours. That kind of stuff However I think there is one thing that all Amazon authors have in common: we need people to own Kindles or at least the Kindle Cloud Reader.
When promoting my ebooks,  people who claim that they do not own a Kindle have flatly rejected my efforts. However the belief that owning a hand-held Kindle is required to download ebooks is a mistake. There is the free Cloud Reader that can be used to read ebooks using your laptop as an alternative to the traditional Kindle.I believe that many will find the Cloud Reader experience a little less enjoyable than reading using the hand-held device, however I also believe that the Cloud Reader is satisfactory.

As an Amazon author, please don’t forget to tweet about the free Cloud Reader. If everyone who reads this blog post writes a tweet promoting the following link then we can all do something to help out the entire community of Amazon authors – including yourself.

or Google search “free cloud reader.”


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