A Discreet Betrayal – by Marianne Curtis

A Discreet Betrayal front cover nA DISCREET BETRAYAL 

A Discreet Betrayal is a cautionary modern day love story.

Single magazine journalist, Emma joins an on-line dating community after failing to find a suitable partner in the “real world”. There she meets Stephan and the pair hit it off immediately. As the couple make plans for the future, an anonymous email changes the entire relationship. Putting her stellar investigative skills to work, Emma discovers the man of her dreams is living a double life and nothing was as it seems.

With the help of her fellow dating site companions, Emma deals with her lovers shocking betrayal and realizes love was right beside her, she was just looking in the wrong direction.


Pre-order your copy before the release date, and receive a signed copy directly from the author.


MARCH 11, 2014

Marianne Curtis

For eighteen years, Marianne Curtis has been the head writer for the Dawson Trail Dispatch.  During that time, she has published more than 7,000 articles in the monthly paper.   Her début memoir Finding Gloria was her way of healing from the past she details, and finding peace with her life.  It has crawled to the #1 spot on several Amazon best sellers lists since it came out in 2012. Originally intended to be an outlet for her own healing, Curtis has been surprised and touched at the stories she hears from readers and the way that her story has helped them to share theirs. As a result, she was nominated as a YWCA Woman of Distinction in 2013.

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Marianne Curtis



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