The wonders of Beta readers

On March 11, I plan to release my new novel, Discreet Betrayal. The book is done and currently in the proofreader/copy-editor’s hands. Since it is the final draft, and just a cleanup (in my opinion) I have put out the call for Beta readers. What are beta readers? They are people you trust, or who like reading the type of books you right, who are grammar hounds. They are an important part of the process.

When I ask for beta readers, I expect the person to give the book a good read. While reading it, keep an eye out for errors, inconsistencies, flaws in the story, and overall content. Grammar, word choice etc is also to be considered. I have been blessed with some great volunteers. My first book Finding Gloria, was only sent out to certain beta-readers. It was my personal memoir and I was not sure if I would even publish it until someone else read it first. Thankfully, my beta readers encouraged me to complete and improve the story. It later became an Amazon best seller – #1 several times!! That’s pretty cool for a self-published author.

I am very grateful for my beta-readers. They only make what you’ve written better. Sometimes they are harsh, but that is the point. If you want a good book, you have to put your ego aside and listen to the experts – and they are the ones who ultimately read your books.

Happy writing.

PS: Watch for some Discreet announcements in the coming weeks.


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