A New Year and a New View

Well, if you are still following this blog, its time to announce an update. Last year, I started off the year doing a daily review. I ended up reading tons of books but never had time to write the reviews so it fell by the wayside. 

This year, I am going to start doing reviews again, but not commit myself to something so unrealistic (at least not at the moment). I have been very busy with my own projects (and I am mentoring 4 authors) – I have 3 books coming out in the next few months. Discreet Betrayal will be released in March, Adventures of Ask’m in July and Rae of Hope in November. I will brief you further on those later. 

I am very excited to announce that along with reviews of great books, this year, I am going to invite other authors to blog, blog tours, invite authors for Q n A’s and scheduled reviews for new books. 

If you are an author that would like to submit something, please message me with your content idea. I have several thousand followers (between twitter/facebook/wordpress) and as a reporter, many of them are media. While I am not offering to submit your stuff to them, they will see (and sometimes comment/followup) on stuff I post (this happens often actually). 

Another item that I will be adding, is a blog for writing tips. As a mentor, I get asked my “publishing secrets”; I’ve learned a lot of along the way as an author, and as a journalist – I will be adding this information to this blog. If you have a publishing question message me, and I will answer it “live”. 

My main blog mariannecurtis.wordpress.com is still very much alive and well; The newspaper is updated monthly. 

I look forward to this new format; I hope that it proves to be interactive, and enjoyable for everything. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions, questions, or a book you may want me to read. 



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