The Glass Wives: A novel by Amy Sue Nathan

Evie and Nicole Glass share a last name. They also shared a husband.

When a tragic car accident ends the life of Richard Glass, it also upends the lives of Evie and Nicole, and their children. There’s no love lost between the widow and the ex. In fact, Evie sees a silver lining in all this heartache—the chance to rid herself of Nicole once and for all. But Evie wasn’t counting on her children’s bond with their baby half-brother, and she wasn’t counting on Nicole’s desperate need to hang on to the threads of family, no matter how frayed. Strapped for cash, Evie cautiously agrees to share living expenses—and her home—with Nicole and the baby. But when Evie suspects that Nicole is determined to rearrange more than her kitchen, Evie must decide who she can trust. More than that, she must ask: what makes a family?

This book is listed as a novel but I could easily see it actually being a memoir. It was very well written, with an engrossing story. I found myself empathizing with the ex-wife – I could actually see myself doing exactly as she did. It takes a lot of courage to open one’s door to someone else, nevermind inviting an ex-husband’s widow (and former mistress) and her baby to move in with your family.

However, the unlikely duo discover many similarities that it becomes natural that for the sake of the siblings the two women helped each other get back on their feet after suffering the devastating loss of the father of their children. The author does a wonderful job showing compassion towards the grieving family while portraying the narrow-mindedness of the nearby community.


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