Room 939 by Jenny Lynn Anderson

Room 939: 15 Minutes of Horror, 20 Years of HealingThis is a tragedy that should never have happened, resulting in a book that had to be written. Read how Jenny Lynn Martin Anderson, twenty-seven, happily married, and on her way to a bursting career in public relations and marketing, fell victim to a vicious attacker who turned hotel room 939 from a pretty view of the Atlanta skyline into a torture chamber, lasting but fifteen minutes. Andersons candid recount of sexual assault will convince the reader there is merit in surviving, even if it takes twenty years in its deliverance.

I picked up this book because it involved a subject that I am very familiar with – rape and dealing with the aftermath. It took me awhile to actually open the book because I was actually frightened to read it at first. As a rape survivor, I tend to react to books like this in a very unexpected manner, and they usually leave me grieving at some point or other.

However, this book was different. I got through about half of it, and then I had to put it down. I was disappointed in the constant biblical references. While I can understand how the author turned to God for her relief and to find her forgiveness, I had hoped for more revelations without the preaching. I let it sit for about a week, and then I picked it up again. This time with the attitude that I would take what I could off the pages and move on. I am glad that I picked it up again.

I ended up finishing it on the second try and I am glad that I gave it a second chance. I was able to empathize with the author on several levels. There are connections that rape survivors have, despite the many differences and unfortunately those connections have to be made in order to let go. Like the author, I eventually chose to live my life and not be controlled by an incident that I had no control of; an unfortunate incident that stole my innocence and ruined my life too. I am sorry that it took the author so many years to finally be able to forgive her attacker. It was something I had to learn too – with forgiveness comes freedom.

God bless this author – I pray that her road to healing continued and others find healing within these pages as well.


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