Sister’s Torn by Cindy Faryon

Sisters TornThe tragedy that follows from the misconception that children are chattel, not people, is brought out in this book. It touches on emotions that are common to everyone: fear of rejection, abandonment and loneliness. Finally, and most importantly, it is also a tale of hope.

Based on true family history, the story begins in England in the 1920s. It follows the lives of two sisters – Catherine and Simone – from England to Canada, as their family is torn apart and they desperately search to find each other. Against impossible odds involving three countries and 65 years of disappointments, two little girls, connected only by blood and birth, find each other again.

As fiction, this story would be worthy of writing. As a true story, it has to be shared.

After recently uniting with my family following a forty year separation I found Sisters Torn to be a very heart warming, and accurate depiction of the impact of life changing events that are beyond a child’s control.

Disguised as an act of fiction, Sisters Torn, tells the story of the author’s mother who was separated at a young age from her little sister after promising to never let go of her hand. After their mother abandoned the family and their father traveled to Canada in search of work the two sisters were forced to live with various family members until it became to much of a burden. They were then turned over to an orphanage to wait until their father returned for them.

Unfortunately, the two sisters were accidentally separated by the British Adoption System. Simone (the authors mother) went to live with an aunt and uncle, and she had no idea what happened to her sister other then that she was eventually adopted. All efforts to obtain information on her sister were fruitless, and eventually Simone immigrated to Canada, married and had a family. But she never stopped looking for her little sister Catherine.

Meanwhile Catherine, thinking she was abandoned by everyone, was adopted by a pair of women. She found out years later, after their death’s that she had actually been taken illegally from the orphanage. She also found out her sister had been searching for her the entire time.

After a sixty-five year separation Simone was able to finally reconnect with the sister she never thought she’d see again and reaffirm her promise to never let go of her hand, ever again.

On reading this book, I found that the author was able to accurately convey the sense of loss experienced by her mother and how this life changing event affected every aspect of her life for decades to come. A must read for anyone that is either looking for someone or have found someone after years of separation.


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