The Spirit Within by Liberty Forrest

The Spirit Within

You know, as unique as each of us is, all of us are very similar to one another as well. How often have you felt as though no one could understand what you are experiencing? Have you ever wondered what possible reasons there could be for our journeys and our struggles, or how spirituality fits into them?Have you ever wondered ‘How will I cope with it all’? Have you ever tried to make sense of the pain that Life seems to continue to throw your way? Do you ever feel like Life is just a series of difficult lessons?

Have you ever had a book fall into your lap that you were meant to read? After reading this book, I believe that was what happened here. This book was my “light bulb moment”.

The author has a beautiful way of writing. The collection of stories she chose for this book are similar to Aesop Fables but with the addition of a spiritual twist. As I poured over the pages I was brought to tears and even physically reacted to some of the things the author wrote.

The story “The Spirit Within” could have been written about me. I’d been told before that we chose our lives before we are even born and my life has never been easy. Reading this story, really hit home – she could have been writing about me. With that in mind, I was able to see things clearer in my mind; it helped me understand myself better. Something I have struggled with for years. Two other stories – Hope and The Story of Trust were also very close to home.

This is a book I was compelled to share with other spiritual believers as soon as I was done reading it. I even read it out loud to several family members who have similar beliefs. It helped shed some light on some things we believed but were not sure about because of lack of information. Thanks to Liberty, we got that information in the form of a beautifully written inspirational piece.

I am so thankful that I was able to read this book and it is definitely one that I will be picking up over and over, just to remind myself that I have come out on the other side and that my life has all been part of the Greater Plan and Meant to Be.

Thank you Liberty!


2 responses to “The Spirit Within by Liberty Forrest

  1. Wow! Thank you so, so much, Marianne! I’m overwhelmed! I just saw this – in October! I’m blown away by your comments and can’t thank you enough for sharing them here. I’m all goosebumps…! Your kind words are most humbling. Wishing you many blessings xx


  2. No thanks needed! I meant every single word.


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