Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience by Marquita Herald

Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience: Empowering you to create your own life experience ...Unexpected trials will always be a part of life … a lost set of keys, the stress of a botched work assignment, or the heartache of a full-blown health or relationship crisis. If we can accept that it is unrealistic to deny or run away from life’s inevitable challenges, we’re left with the only question that really matters, how we will choose to view adversity … obstacle or opportunity.

Try to imagine for a moment what it could mean to the quality of your life, if you were able to redefine your view of adversity – from the perspective of an unfortunate victim, to that of an empowered individual, confident in your ability create your own life experience? This is the power of resilience, the characteristics that help us deal with sudden and unexpected obstacles, as well as those we anticipate and cannot avoid.

The good news is studies show that we all have at least some natural resilience characteristics, however – much like unused muscle – if we don’t exercise and strengthen these skills, eventually they become weak and far less resistant.

Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience by Marguita Herald is described as a guide to cultivating the skills that empower you to avoid getting sidetracked by life’s inevitable challenges and thrive as a result of the experience.

This description more than adequately describes Herald’s self help book. I am confident that this book will help anyone going through a tough time if they are open to learning skills on how to be resilient, how to strengthen their confidence in their abilities and boost coping skills.

Personally I wish I had this book a few years ago when my life was in chaos and I did not know how to face some of the issues I was facing in a positive matter. While I read it after the fact, I am pleased to see that I had somehow developed these skills along the way. This manual would have definitely have sped up the process I went through of having to learn this on my own through trial and error.

By following this “manual to success” readers will develop the necessary skills needed to become strong in the face of adversity instead of becoming a victim to the nasty details of life.


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