She wasn’t allowed to Giggle by Lavinia Thompson

She Wasn't Allowed to Giggle“She Wasn’t Allowed to Giggle” is a poetry and prose collection that explores the dark depths of domestic violence and child abuse and about finding the light at the end of the tunnel. It is based on my own experiences growing up, told through the perspective of the little girl he destroyed grown up to be a woman with a voice. This is my story.


She wasn’t allowed to giggle by Lavinia Thompson had quite an impact on me. While I was not sexually abused, many of the feelings I felt after being physically and emotionally abused by my adoptive mother are very similar. The author’s feelings and thoughts described at the beginning of each section, could have been written by myself; I felt her agony like it was my own.

After pouring over each page, I wanted to commend the author for discovering a means to deal with her pain and help others at the same time. I too reached that plateau, but not until I was in my forties. I am fairly confident that Thompson is well on her way to finding a better life for herself, now that she has found her voice.

I encourage anyone who has experienced abuse to check out this book; there is more to just sharing these stories, when they are validated, it helps give authors the strength they need to keep moving forward. It is way too easy to slip back into old patterns or indulge in self abuse when carrying such a burden within our soul.

Thank you Lavinia, for sharing your story; it is the story of many. The details may be different but the feelings and after-effects are the same. May your words bring courage to others, so that we all may feel the warmth of healing and love in our hearts; and the strength to continue encouraging other victims to find their voices and healing.


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