Critical Incident by Troy Blackford

Critical IncidentA wave of inexplicable vandalism from the city’s homeless sweeps the town – but the more the local police force tug on the thread of what might be behind this strangely coordinated effort, the more their understanding of events unravels.

Soon, a group of officers are swept into a dark and deadly underground world of murder and medical supplies, chemicals and corruption, confusion and confectioner’s gel. A head-scratching mystery quickly becomes a heart-pounding action thrill ride filled with twists, turns, and maybe even a Pez dispenser supercomputer or two.

I don’t normally read this type of book but I took a chance. This is an author that should keep writing (he weaves a very good story) but there were some spelling/typos that I found myself wanting to correct. Regardless, I am looking forward to the next installment in what promises to be a good series.


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