Ultimate Tragedy by Doreen Pchajek

Ultimate Tragedy is gripping, compelling and inspiring!

There is no greater tragedy that one can experience but the death of a child. Feel the emotional turmoil that is felt by bereaved parents as author Doreen Pchajek tells the story of her devastation and loss.

Ultimate Tragedy

This is an incredible story!

I remember the accident very well. I had been a reporter for a few years when the press release came across my desk at the newspaper. I hated writing these stories – a car accident claimed the life of a 13 year old girl; someone young, taken too soon; a family left reeling and devastated. My heart broke for the family.

A few years later, I had the pleasure of writing the “upside”. I covered a story about a mother who lost her daughter; she had started a bereavement group to help other people cope with their losses. She wrote this book and started a scholarship in her daughter’s memory. These wonderful things were part of her recovering from what she called her “Ultimate Tragedy”.

I did not know the connection until a few months ago, when the Ultimate Tragedy found my hands. The author attended an event that I was hosting and gave me her book to read. As I poured through the pages – I could NOT put it down; I was engrossed. I felt her pain, grief and guilt; it was evident that she was going through hell and trying to find a way to cope. My heart broke as she spoke of feeling responsible for her daughter Stacey’s death. As a passenger in an accident where someone lost their life, I can empathize to a great extent – guilt, legit or not can be crippling. This book left me breathless.

This book is so important; the loss of one’s child is unimaginable and something no parent should feel. With heart-wrenching honesty, Doreen Pchajek invites you into her world to join her journey to healing. It takes courage to admit to the emotional agony she felt, and I commend her for finding her voice.

Furthermore, despite life changing injuries sustained herself, she shows remarkable strength and drive to keep her daughter’s memory alive; First by starting a bereavement group, the author finds and gives love and support in helping other families recover, some who I know personally. She is also very active with fundraising for the Stacey Pchajek Foundation, which provides a scholarship to graduating students at the Ste. Anne Collegiate.

Ultimate Tragedy is a must read by people on their own journey’s and by people who are supporting family or friends – it is a good “do’s and don’t” manual for those that are unsure of how to be supportive in such situations.

Thank you Doreen, for sharing your story!


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