Only Love Can Break Your Heart, by Fred Bubbers

Only Love Can Break Your HeartThree stories about two neighbors who meet as young children and grow up together on Long Island during the late 60′s and early 70′s. The comforting and loving world they live in changes around them as their families fracture, society descends into chaos, and a war rages on. In the aftermath, they left on a wrecked, smoking landscape, searching for a new way to live when all of the signs have been burned down.

I really enjoy this writer’s style of stories; not only does he paint a vivid picture he also comes from a generation where things were changing very quickly throughout the world and his stories reflect that. I am not sure if the author gets his stories from his own life experiences, or if they are part of a bigger picture; but I personally think he should expand on this piece and turn it into a full sized memoir, autobiography or fiction book. Thank you ~ I have immensely enjoyed each piece I have read by this writer.


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