Shot in the foot…

I feel like I have shot myself in the foot when it comes to self publishing. The confidence I had several months ago when my book “Finding Gloria” came out is wavering. I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew. Sure, when I first launched, sales were better than expected for self publishing and kindle averages a book per day; not bad for an indie. It is the topic that is selling; the problem is, getting the word out.

I wish I knew what i know now when I published. Through the process of trial and error I am learning what is working and what isn’t. I have happily passed on this wisdom to other authors, and that has served them all very well. I can help them be successful, and once again, I feel like a failure.

In all honestly, I have not made any money with my book – what money that has come in has gone back into postage, buying more books for local bookshelves and advertising. I spent $100 on a professional press release, got my trailer posted on INDIE TV; and I was featured on INDIE AUTHOR. I had to pay for this space. While i have seen the links to all my sites tweeted to thousands of people over the past week, I don’t see it generated back to me in sales. I have attended several signings, speaking engagements and trade shows; i pay for a table and sit for up to 8 hours. This too doesn’t generate much – UNLESS i post my trailer.

I am not sure what I am doing anymore; I’ve done a paperback, hardcover, e-book; I learned a great way to get readers encouraged is to write a teaser. So I published Behind Whispering Pines – this is the piece that was my jumping off point for Finding Gloria.

The one thing I do wish I had more time to just focus on sales and promotion. I’d like to visit libraries and do other engagements but I am currently tied to a 9-5 that started as a part-time job, but has taken over my life. Plus I write for a monthly newspapers (40 stories per issue) and gathering news is time-consuming, along with the writing of each piece.

Oh well – gonna keep on plugging away, gathering tips, and moving forward. I KNOW if the right person reads my story, amazing things will happen. The challenge is, getting the right person to read it.


One response to “Shot in the foot…

  1. Hello Marianne. I imagine that every writer/author is in a high when first published, whether indie or traditional. The vast majority of these people will have that high eroded within a short time. Is there an answer to your problem? None that I can think of and I admire your enthusiasm but can feel the impending pain of failure. I have been through that barrier.
    At what point do we stop spending money on promotion, or do we place free ads in newspaper and on the net?
    Many thousands of ‘would be successful authors’ fail because the first book and the second, if published, suffer from little or no sales, and give up. You, on the other hand, appear to me to be a survivor. You show a lot of grit and you have passed the acid test of not giving up after uninspiring sales.
    All writers/authors want to be famous – why write and publish if not? However, only the tiniest fraction of us will ever achieve that goal.
    Traditional publishing is becoming increasingly difficult for new authors to break into and there are too many people who have no idea of how to tell a story in the way it should be written on the indie scene. It is the needle in the haystack syndrome – one decent book/writer/author, amongst thousands of awful wannabees.
    From one ‘decent’ wannabee to another, I wish you every success.


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