Sleepless writers…

Part of the problem with being a writer, it can be difficult to sleep. Ideas run through your head and never seem to shut off. In the future, my fantasy includes a machine you can hook up to your head and your thoughts are automatically conveyed into a computer – instant novel (or instant nightmare) dependant on how you think.

In my case – at least it was a productive night. I uploaded a new special edition if Finding Gloria into CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle. Now I wait for them to be approved before I can do anything more. What makes this edition special is that it contains 48 exclusive photos that have never been released for publication.

I am hope this will add some reality to the book. I mean, there are many connecting with it – that is a reality – they feel my heart and soul in the story. They cry with my and laugh with me – the photos put faces to the story; which I believe connects them even more.

I cant wait to be able to post the final product.

In the meantime, hopefully I can get some sleep,

Sweet dreams all


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